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Vanda Clinics is a specialized center for rejuvenation of the face. Our Botox®  and filler specialists are medical doctors who had training in several well-known international centers. We understand everybody’s common desire to look and feel more attractive and have a more refreshed appearance.

Treatment with injectables is a positive and self-rewarding cosmetic procedure, designed to give you a younger-looking face and a more attractive appearance. As we get older the appearance of our skin is affected by different factors such as smoking, stress and unhealthy habits. In addition, natural aging, gravity and too much exposure to the sun also contribute to the forming of wrinkles which add years to our looks.

One of the solutions are injectables. Injectables are sometimes referred to as non-invasive or liquid facelift. These procedures have become extremely popular due to the short procedure time and virtually none (permanent) adverse effect. The procedure is relatively painless due to the use of state-of-the-art materials. You can immediately go back to your usual activities after finishing your treatment.

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Examples of treatment areas (Fillers and Botox®) Wrinkles from their foreheads, glabella region “Crow’s feet” (fine lines and wrinkles under and around the corner of eyes) Brow Lift Lip Lines…

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