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Botox® 1 area – € 195,-

Botox® 2 areas – € 350,-

Botox® 3 areas – € 475,-

An area is defined either as horizontal forehead lines, vertical frown lines  or  crown’s feet

First consult    € 30,-

If you decide to undergo a treatment, consult costs will be subtracted from treatment prices.


Fillers – from € 300,-

There are many kinds of fillers, each of them with a special composition for different indications. In our clinic we use hyaluronic acid from Juvederm. During the first consult the doctor will ask what you are looking for and will decide together with you which is the best product to get an optimal result.


Examples of treatment areas (Fillers and Botox®) Wrinkles from their foreheads, glabella region “Crow’s feet” (fine lines and wrinkles under and around the corner of eyes) Brow Lift Lip Lines…

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